"Future Star? More like - current star!"

Future Star tells the listener a story where moments have meaning, reflection can bring peace, and a lesson lies behind the most terrible and wonderful experiences as well as the most mundane. Based in Vancouver, this bedroom popstar has been releasing catchy keyboard music with “sweet and comically candid lyrics” (Discorder) since 2016.

With influences that include musical artists like Arthur Russell, Magnetic Fields and Kero Kero Bonito and visual artists such as Lynda Barry, Future Star has built a reputation for creating intimate live performances "loaded with understated significance and beauty" (Exclaim!).

After working with Kingfisher Bluez for their first full length vinyl "When Will the DJ of Luv Grant Me My 1 Request?", Future Star signed with Mint Records in early 2024. With Mint's support, they will be releasing their next album,"It's About Time!" in July 2024 - a reflection on growth, endings, and the paths we choose to take. What does it mean to walk forward if we never look at how we got here?